After eight days, more evidence shows that the deaths of Joy Gentil and Max Raymond was a double-suicide.

Investigators found notes which were left by both the man and woman in the apartment.

The apartment was rented out by the two, and when their stay was set to end the cleaning crew found the bodies, according to police

The two were scheduled to check out of the apartment April first.

Raymond, a second semester freshman at LSU was reported missing on March 30th after his grandfather notified an LSU staff member that he had not heard from his grandson in three days.

The two were found in the Highlander Townhomes complex on highland road near the north gates of LSU’s campus.

The coroner’s office said no external or internal signs of trauma were present.

Both bodies had excessive fluid in the lungs and brain, symptoms that are often consistent in an overdose.

The exact cause of death still depends on final autopsy results, which could take up to four weeks to complete.