Several populated student bars and restaurants near LSU's campus announced their decision to close temporarily after multiple staff members and patrons tested positive for COVID-19.

JL's Place and Reggie's will be closed until all employees have the chance to get tested and receive results. The Chime's at the north gates of LSU will also temporarily be closed due to the outbreak near campus.

Fred's Bar announced they would be closed Thursday night, writing on Instagram, "It is our job first and foremost to put the wellbeing & health of our customers, staff & families above all other things. Until we can have our entire working staff tested for Covid-19, we can not allow ourselves to put you, our stuff or their families at risk in such critical times."

The decision to close comes along with a statement made Friday by state health officials urging all recent bar attendees to self-quarantine after receiving over 100 reports of patrons and employees testing positive for the virus. 

"Anyone who visited Tigerland bars over the weekend should consider themselves exposed to COVID-19 and should self-quarantine for 14 days and monitor for symptoms," the Louisiana Department of Health said. "LDH is receiving increased reports of individuals testing positive for COVID-19 after visiting bars and private social gatherings. Gatherings where people are interacting without a mask and within 6 feet of one another present inherent risk of virus spread."

The outbreak comes less than two weeks after the state entered Phase II of reopening, including limited capacities at bars and dine-in restaurants.

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