LSU Football Head Coach Brian Kelly took to the stand to answer all of the media's questions.

Kelly addressed the tragic situation at the University of Virgina, how the Tigers are preparing to play UAB, and how well he thinks the program is doing.

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LSU Football Head Coach Brian Kelly took to the podium to answer all of the medias questions.

Kelly started his presser by addressing the tragic situation that happened at the University of Virginia.

"Certainly a very tragic day in Charlottesville, and our thoughts and prayers are with the football players at Virginia who were senseless victims of a shooting on campus this morning. It's tragic, our hearts go out to them, the football program, the University", Kelly stated.

Coach Kelly then talked about the Arkansas game and how difficult they were too beat, but how his players have done all the right things to win.

"Look, winning is a habit and losing is a habit. And you know what we can take out from that game is that they have done the things necessary to make winning a habit. And just like losing becomes a habit, they found a way to win that football game", Kelly said.

Kelly also talked about the teams chemistry as that was a concern at the beginning of the year with a bunch of new faces.

"They like each other, an I think it starts because everybody is held accountable to the same level. Like the best player doesn't get special treatment, everybody gets treated the same way", Kelly said.

Kelly will meet with the media again on Thursday before the Tigers take on UAB in Tiger Stadium at 8 p.m. this Saturday.

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