As time runs out on recruiting a new head coach, two possible candidates are at the forefront of rumors and speculation.

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Tiger Stadium has housed many famous names when it comes to head coaches: Charles McClendon, Nick Saban and Ed Orgeron.

However, there is a new era upon us.

Current Head Coach Ed Orgeron and LSU have decided to part ways after the 2021 season ends, which means recruiting a new head coach is in the works.

Athletic Director Scott Woodward has remained tighlipped for more than a month after his initial decision to part ways with Orgeron. 

“You know there will be a time and a day for that," Woodward said. "Today is about Coach O and the team and we’ll talk about that later. We have plenty of time to do that.” 

Although none have been confirmed yet, there have been many rumors about which coach LSU will bring in and many big names have been dropped.

One of them being Jimbo Fisher, who is currently the Head Coach at Texas A&M. 

Fisher is one of four active college football coaches, not including Ed Orgeron, who have won a National Championship. 

However, Fisher promptly put a stop to rumors. 

"Everybody thinks all coaches lie. I know, y'all don't believe us," Fisher said.

"I've told everybody I'm staying here and I've told everybody I plan on being the coach at A&M."

If not Fisher, than who?

Another name being passed around is that of Oklahoma University’s current head coach, Lincoln Riley. 

Riley seems to be the most popular name because of what he could bring to this LSU Football program. 

Riley not only has playoff experience under his belt, but knows his way around an offense, producing two Heisman winners and a Heisman candidate. 

“There's nothing to handle. You know, I mean it's pretty easy. I coach the University of Oklahoma football team," Riley explains. "You guys know me. You know how I feel about this place and this program. We've all been down this road many times before.”

"You guys know where I stand on that and that hasn't changed," Riley added.

Never say never. Anything can happen in the game of football--or in this case, the game of recruiting.

There has been no confirmation or word from Scott Woodward, LSU President William Tate or Ed Orgeron as of yet.

Time is running out as Orgeron’s last game in Tiger Stadium is on November 27 at 6 p.m.

Lane Kiffin is another name being floated around. 

Kiffin is currently manning the head coach position at Ole Miss where the Rebels are 9-2 on the season.

If Kiffin came to LSU, fans could expect him to shape up the offense which the Tigers sorely need.

There is a long list of rumored names and none of have been confirmed yet. 

Lincoln Riley was rumored to have received a contract for 8 years worth $96 million from LSU.