The defense needs to keep their momentum up throughout the ULM game.

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The Tigers, who are coming off of a three game losing streak, only have two more opportunities to prevent a losing season.

In order to beat the ULM Warhawks this weekend, the Tigers need to address three key focal points.

The LSU Defense needs to keep their momentum up with a strong line holding steady against the Warhawks offense and run game.

Senior Linebacker Damone Clark leads the defensive charge. 

“Overall, I think the Defense has been playing lights out together," Head Coach Ed Orgeron said. "[With] the job that Damone Clark has been doing, I just think the defense has been playing well.” 

On the offensive side of the ball, many think the team needs to improve on their run game and not rely so much on their pass game. From the players on the field to the coaches on the sidelines, this LSU team is very different from the one fans saw in 2019.

”[The offense is] very very frustrating because you know, nobody shouldn’t be putting up points," Coach O said. "We should be doing a better job, and I got to take the responsibility. I’m in full responsibility for everything."

"You know, I really thought with the spread offense going back to Joe Brady’s offense we could score more points. It just seems like we’re bogged down right now,” Coach O said.

The Tigers offense has not been putting up the numbers needed to win against most of the SEC teams they have faced off against. 

However, the offensive line seems to be hopeful going into the game on Saturday. 

"ULM [is] a good team," Graduate Center, Liam Shanahan said. "We’re gonna have to show up and take care of business, but we all wanna get back on track and get a win this weekend at Tiger Stadium.” 

To win, many think that Quarterback Max Johnson will need to improve on his decision making while on the clock. 

Better on-field connections to wide receivers and running backs can improve the overall offensive runs -- especially if Johnson can connect with fan-favorite, RB Ty Davis Price.

If the Tigers utilize Price to the best of his abilities, it's possible he could run circles around ULM’s defense.

As the season winds down, the Tigers need to win the next 2 games in order to be eligible for a bowl game and avoid their first losing season since 1999.