Myles Brennan came into LSU as a four-star recruit at quarterback. Brennan was the back up quarterback to Danny Etling his freshman year and was ready to start his sophomore year until he lost to Joe Burrow in the battle for the position. 

Since then, Brennan has been waiting for his turn to lead the team and write his own story. Being the starting quarterback the year after a perfect season lead by Burrow comes with a lot of challenges.

"Any interview I do, it comes up. I just take the perspective of, it's gonna happen. He was was one of the, if not the best quarterback to play college football," Brennan said as he tries to block out what people have to say.

Brennan has taken these three years behind Etling and Burrow to progress. "I've taken the opportunities that have been put in front of me,"he said. Brennan took advantage of the playing time that he had, like parts of the SEC championship and the playoffs. 

Brennan's support system is his mom and dad. They have not missed a single game since his freshman year. He said that they have been with him through this entire process.

Away from the field, Brennan enjoys hunting fishing and playing golf. He takes advantage of his off time by enjoying the outdoors.

"It allows me to clear my mind... I feel like its one-on-one time with me and the lord," Brennan said.

He is looking forward to what this season has in store for both himself and the team.