The Tigers have been working hard during spring ball to connect the veterans with the new players and to begin developing those relationships before the fall season.

The team is working on improving their offensive line after struggling to find consistency, especially at the tackle position.  

"We've had a few guys leave, obviously, but we still have the core of our group still here," offensive lineman Marlon Martinez said. "Obviously, I trust all those guys. I played with all those guys, so honestly, I think we still have the potential to be the best o-line in the country."

The team has made improvements in their twitchiness and speed development already. Players have also made accomplishments in strength in the weight room.

The Tigers' offense is still working on their passing game and on putting more stress on the defense in the game. 

"It's so critical that everybody understands, you know, where their airspace is in what we're trying to do so that it puts the multitude of stresses on the defense as we possibly can so that we can get people in space and get them the football in their hands," LSU Football Offensive Coordinator Mike Denbrock said. 

Additionally, coaches have been working on improving quarterback Jayden Daniels' ability to push the ball down the field consistently. Daniels has been working on this throughout the winter and spring. Daniels becoming better at this will help them overall offensively. 

"We want to be a threat in the vertical passing game and you know that takes some aggressiveness at the quarterback position, and we want him to step into that role and not be afraid to kind of let it fly," Denbrock said. 

The team will continue to reflect on their performance from the spring game and work toward developing connections between the offensive players and being well-built for the fall season ahead.