LSU is all about pride and tradition. This story of father and son is a great example of this tradition. The Moffitt family moved to Baton Rouge twenty years ago when Tommy Moffitt became the head coach of LSU's strength and conditioning program.

The tradition continued when his son, Aaron Moffitt was starting to get recruited by LSU football.

"When LSU offered me, they shot up to the top of my list," said Aaron. Other schools did not compare to LSU for him. Tommy did not want to affect Aaron's decision to choose LSU, but he is grateful for the opportunity to have his son as a part of his program.

"I've watch him develop in the weight room, I've seen him mature on the football field, it's really been neat," said Tommy. 

Aaron is able to play for the purple and gold and to have his dad as his coach.

"It was a dream come true. I never thought in a thousand years that I would be playing for LSU," said Aaron.