LSU beats TAMU 27-24, qualifying themselves for a bowl game. Senior OT Austin Deculus set the record for most games played at LSU while Senior LB Damone Clark further positions himself for Butkus Award.

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LSU managed a 27-24 win against Texas A&M as the perfect ending to Senior Night in Death Valley. Though many players have contributed to the winning team, two seniors in particular are breaking records and making history this season.

Austin “Iron Man” Deculus broke the record for most games played in LSU Football history. Within his 60 games as a Tiger, the star offensive tackle leaves a humble legacy behind.

“Throughout all the greats that came through LSU and all the greats that will come through LSU, [having] a small record of my name partially on here means the most,” Deculus said.

Greater than his own legacy of strength and leadership, Deculus says this senior class will be known for their character and fighting spirit despite major ups and downs.

“We’ve been through everything and we’re still here and we’re still wanting to represent this lovely university because that’s what it deserves,” Deculus said.

While Deculus may be the most experienced on the team, senior Linebacker Damone Clark has also proved to be a great asset. Nominated for the Butkus Award and likely to receive All-American and All-SEC titles, Clark has impressed Coach O with his work ethic.

“I told him, you gotta get better. He said, ‘Coach I’m gonna do it.’ and he did,” Head Coach Ed Orgeron said.

A player that wore the honorable number 18 for two years, Clark has impressed Orgeron with his character as well.

“I’m so proud of him. He’s a great young man,” Coach O said.

As a senior, Clark wants to be remembered for his dedication to the LSU program.

“Day in and day out I came here, I did my best, I led the team, I gave my all, that’s one of the legacies that I want to leave here,” Clark said.

Clark has agreed to play in the Senior Bowl on Feb. 5, 2022 and both seniors will lead their team one last time in LSU’s upcoming bowl game.