The Tigers led off their home opener with a sweep. The women’s tennis team continued their strong start to the season with back-to-back wins against Rice and Southern.

Endurance played a huge role today for the Tigers and they didn't let a doubleheader intimidate them.

Qualifying for the National Team Indoor Championships is a huge honor for the Tigers. Coach Sell compared it to making the sweet 16 in the NCAA tournament. She thinks it will be a good preview and positive experience for the team.  

"I want them to go and go after it, you know. I want them to go and realize they belong there and just play their hearts out and that's what it's all about and we'll see where it takes us from there," said Coach Julia Sell.

The overall record for the Tigers is now 6-0 and they are ranked No. 18 nationally. 

Men's tennis will travel to Memphis on February 10th and the Women will travel to Seattle February 8-11 for the National Team Indoor Championships.