The Tigers defeated ULM's Warhawks Saturday night and look to their final regular season game next week against Texas A&M.

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The LSU Tigers came on top over the ULM Warhawks, 27-14, in their matchup Saturday night, but it wasn't the easiest win for the Tigers.
Coach O's offense had a consistent night with quarterback Max Johnson accounting for all three touchdowns - one rushing and two passing. Many fans expected that there would be more scores, though, to support their win.
Thirteen points was not the margin of victory the Tigers wanted as they had only 100 more total yards than the Warhawks.
Coach O only has one regular season game left to lead this team, but he's focusing on the game itself rather than the emotions that come with it.
"It's on to Texas A&M," Orgeron said. "We've already set our sights on them. We have some things to fix on offense and defense."
The defense was able to hold ULM to one score until late in the fourth quarter. They kept up with the passing game and adapted well to the switching quarterbacks. 
"I'm very pleased with the defense, especially with the way our linebackers were running," Orgeron said. "You could tell those guys had a good scheme. Our linebackers were running down, we had a lot of speed. Damone Clark had another great game."
Clark, however, did not seem satisfied with the defense's performance. 
"I feel good that we got the victory, but that's not the standard that we know," Clark said. "Just me, myself, and a couple of other guys. Yeah, it feels good, but we got to do better than that."
LSU needs a stronger defense, especially when stopping the run, if they intend to beat Texas A&M next week. They would need to win that matchup in order to be considered for a bowl game.
"I don't think we're playing for a bowl game," Orgeron said. "I think it's beating Texas A&M. I think that will be...actually I know it will be our motivating factor."
Coach O and players said they will keep working hard and stick to their game plan to win next week and have a shot at a bowl game. The last home game of the season will kickoff at 6 p.m. in Tiger Stadium next Saturday.