The 2018-2019 LSU Men's Basketball team is no stranger to adversity. 

From the tragic preseason death of Wayde Sims to the recent suspension of head coach Will Wade, the Tigers have shown an unbelievable ability to overcome. 

"The last 48-72 hours have kind of been a rollercoaster," Skylar Mays said. "But, you know, I think that's another thing that just makes this team special-our ability to, you know, like Coach Wade always says, 'narrow our focus,' and focus on the task at hand."

Tony Benford stepped in as the interim head coach for the Tigers' matchup against Vanderbilt and led the team to an 80-59 victory, but Benford did not lead this team alone. 

"I said, 'Guys, you're gonna have to help me,'" Benford said. "You know, you got a guy like Tremont Waters it makes it a little easier too."

"On the court, he gave me the keys to the car and I pretty much had to drive it the way we wanted to drive it," Waters said. "And like I said before, having these type of guys around me-it makes it easy for a point guard."

Benford said other players helped along the way, like Skylar Mays. 

Off the bench Marshall Graves and Darius Days boasted 12 and 15 points respectfully-- all from beyond the arc. 

Even though Smart sat out due to recruiting allegations and Reid for injury protocol, the team was complete with the presence of Wayne and Faye Sims representing their son as the Tigers cut down the nets to seal the victory. 

The Tigers' next matchup will be against the winner of Florida and Arkansas Friday the 15th at the SEC tournament.