Life can be a balancing act.

There are highs. There are lows. But often, it's how you respond to those lows that shape who you are. 

Enter LSU Gymnast McKenna Kelley

Kelley had an incredible Sophomore year. Not only was McKenna an All-SEC member, but she also garnered first-team All American Honors. Coming into her junior year, she looked to lead the Tigers to a national championship.

But during her first-practice back from Thanksgiving break, something happened that would throw everything off.

"We were warming up on floor all together as a team. I won't forget I did a tumbling pass, and it kinda felt weird, kinda felt like rubber, almost," Kelley said. "There was no pain. It just kinda felt like nothing was there. I remember pushing my foot off the floor."

She says that's when she started questioning the feeling in her ankle.

"I'm about to take my next turn, and I go and I'm punching, about to go in the air and I just hear a pop."

McKenna had suffered a torn Achilles, forcing her to sit out the entire season.

"My leg was on fire," Kelley said. "I didn't cry though. Because I didn't want my mascara to smear, I swear."

But rather than quit, McKenna did the opposite. She persevered through it, encouraging her team along the way.

"I think my faith was really strong at the time. That was key for me. But I let myself grieve, I let myself sulk."

Now that she's back, McKenna looks at the whole process as a blessing.

'I was just in this place before the injury where I felt really routine, I felt almost robotic in a way. I was missing that fire. It's incredible what this injury has done for me.  It's completely refueled that."

"it's honestly the best thing that's ever happened to me."