LSU defeated UCF 40-32 in the Fiesta Bowl, but the numbers went farther than that. 

The Tigers' time of possession was almost three times their opponents' with around 44 minutes-the Knights with 15. 

Nevertheless, they put up a good fight and kept the score close. 

Coach Orgeron said, "Very well coached, it was a battle. Very good football team, and I can see why they won 25 games in a row."

Joe Burrow became LSU's first quarterback to account for ten touchdowns between just two games. 

His four tonight paired with six from the lengthy Texas A&M game sealed the deal. 

Burrow was also 21-34 and threw for 394 yards in comparison to UCF quarterback Darriel Mack's 97. 

A hard hit on Burrow had fans questioning the lack of a targeting call, but it seemed to rally the Tigers toward victory.

Coach O said, "I thought it was targeting. It looked like targeting-I think it should've been called targeting."

LSU Senior tight end Foster Moreau said, "If that doesn't make you mad, I don't know, if that doesn't get your butt in gear I don't know what will. A cheap shot on your quarterback? That should get someone's butt in gear, everyone, there should be a high sense of urgency on that sideline whenever that happens."

The team did come together to pull out the victory and even former Tigers like Greedy Williams and Derrius Guice gave their input over Twitter to contribute to the win.