The LSU offense had another great game today with Joe Burrow throwing for five touchdowns and rushing for one, but it was the defense that truly showed out. After struggling the last few games, they had a strong showing against projected first-round draft pick Jordan Love.

“I’ve got to give credit to our defensive coaches. Man it was, it was like we had to get after it. We had to get better," said Head Coach Ed Orgeron. And it was a high intensity, all in, all in on the drills, all in on our football team. Our coaches did a tremendous job,”

However this defensive success wasn’t without practice. The team focused a lot on the tackling game after mistakes made against Vanderbilt.

“We benefit every missed tackle. Like I said, 18 missed tackles on 148 yards. Last time we evaluated every missed tackle. Why’d we miss the tackle? We went back and looked at our drills. Is this drill working? Is that drill working? Where’s our foot work? Where’s our angle? We worked constantly on tackles the last two weeks,” Orgeron said.

The increase of tackling drills in practice wasn’t lost on the players like Safety Grant Delpit.

“I think every week we work hard, but you know we’ve been hearing a lot of noise from outside talking about how we can’t tackle and stuff like that so I think we came out and proved it today," Delpit said. 

"The defense held an impressive Jordan Love to just 130 passing yards while also recording three interceptions," Orgeron said. "We had some keys up front. We thought when we knew when they were going to pass so that opened up some lanes for us."

A performance like this really gives the defense confidence going into a tougher matchup next week against Florida.