Sophomore Outfielder Daniel Cabrera talks about improving for this season. Cabrera reflects on being the Preseason No.1 as well as being compared to Greg Deichmann.

"I don't think I can hit it over the intimidator  yet, but hopefully one day I can."

Junior Shortstop Josh Smith talks about his recovery from last season's back injury. Smith talks about being a leader as well as having younger players step up to lead as well. 

"I played the whole fall, I've been swinging all over Christmas break, and felt good throwing fielding, and I think I'm 100 percent. I know I'm 100 percent."

Freshman Utility player CJ Willis talks about not over thinking things, and just playing baseball. Willis also talks about his relationship with Junior Outfielder Zach Watson. Willis also talks about playing in a tough conference. 

"We play in the SEC. Anybody can be beat at any time. We have to come out here and work hard everyday, and know that spot isn't guaranteed. "

Freshman Pitcher Landon Marceaux talks about earning his spot as well as the jump in talent from high school to college. Marceaux talks about working with Pitching Coach Alan Dunn.

"It's incredibly intense. He's a very intense guy and so am I on the field. We still have to work on somethings."

Freshman First baseman Cade Beloso talks about competing for jobs as well as living his dream in playing for LSU. Beloso speaks about his excitement for opening day.

"The fans are going to be going nuts. This place is going to be rocking... I'm just really ready to get things going and see what this team can do."

Junior Outfielder Zach Watson talks about working on his hitting, specifically seeing curveballs. Watson also warns freshman to beware of the crowd.

"The crowd is always going to be loud. They're always going to be cheering you on, but then again if you do something wrong they can be hating you for a little bit, but they are going to get over it and they are still going to love you."

Freshman Infielder Drew Bianco answers questions about how he ended up at LSU, the eventual series against Ole Miss, which is coached by his father, and says he put all of his Ole Miss attire away in Oxford.

"Everybody was asking me... 'Why did you come here?' me and my brothers knew that when we'd go play somewhere else, I mean I'm glad I'm here and I love it here right now."

Senior Outfielder Antoine Duplantis realizes that he is the sixth best athlete in his family, and is why he chose baseball. Duplantis speaks about handling the season game-to-game.

"That is how we look at every season, that's what he tells us going into a Friday Saturday Sunday series... just focus on that Friday game and move on to the next one."