LSU catcher, Alex Milazzo, has proven himself this season to be a key component of the Tigers squad. 

"I couldn't tell you how many games we have left. To be honest with you I just show up ready to go everyday," Milazzo said.

The proclaimed "bunt king" has displayed himself to be a strong asset in the batting line-up. 

"I would say theres a lot of practice that goes into it. It's something I take pride in, you know whatever is going to help my team win, I don't have an ego out there," Milazzo said about his bunts. 

Right-handed pitcher, Ty Floyd, has displayed why he is the second game pitching starter numerous times.

First game starter, Paul Skenes, has set a high standard for the pitching staff, as he is one of the best pitchers in the country. 

"Paul sets the standard early the day before. He came in, did his thing, I think that also it set the tone for what I needed to do that day," Floyd said. 

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