The tide was low this weekend in Baton Rouge, as LSU Baseball swept SEC rival Alabama.

With big names like Dylan Crews and Jordan Thompson keeping up their momentum, a few players flew under the radar and helped the team complete their three-game sweep.

Unsung heroes of this series, Paxton Kling and Alex Milazzo, helped lead the team to this victory. They came in clutch whenever the team needed their help the most. 

"We're winning, so I'm happy. You know I'm catching two, maybe three games a week, so none of that matters man. You can ask any guy on this team, none of that matters when you're winning," Milazzo said.

When it came to the pitching staff this game, it was all over the place.

Relief pitchers were being brought in often because no one could get into a rhythm that was beneficial for the team. 

Christian Little, a transfer from Vanderbilt, started this game.

Little pitched the first few innings, but then came the string of relief pitchers after him.

"I'm proud of the pitching staff, again Omaha caliber offense, the first six, and I don't want to disrespect anybody else because I mean this league is so good," HC Jay Johnson said.

"But their first six, put them up against anybody, they were matching us for a little bit in the series, and early in those games, against good pitchers, against our pitchers who are good pitchers."

After going through a line-up of bullpen members, Riley Cooper seemed to be the Tigers best fit.

Cooper helped the Purple and Gold bring in the final win of the series, officially completing the teams second SEC sweep of the season.

"I'm down to do whatever for the team, so I like it, I like extending and I just like pitching. It's fun when we do that because it's just a team effort and yesterday the Magic Moment was the team," Cooper said.

In order for the Bayou Bengals to keep their No. 1 ranking, they need to keep bringing the energy for the last few series of the year. 

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