Head Coach Ed Orgeron addresses whether or not his job is in jeopardy. See what he has to say about football fans' concerns.

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As LSU football's losses mount, so do questions about Head Coach Ed Orgeron's job status. 

Football fans are questioning whether Coach O is to blame for LSU's 3-3 record so far this season. 

Coach O's coaching skills, temperament and ability to hire and vet assistant coaches were all questioned in his weekly news conference Monday night. 

Orgeron dismissed questions that his job was in jeopardy following the team's recent loss to Kentucky.

He made it apparent that he will continue to be head coach, at least through Saturday's game against Florida. 

He also made it clear that he is fully aware of the expectations for LSU Football. 

"No one has to tell me about the LSU expectations. I know them," Orgeron said. "I was born with them, so I understand. I understand this is not the LSU standard of performance. I understand my job."

"I'm gonna go to work as hard as I can today. Don't blink. I promise you, I will not blink, for anyone," Orgeron added. 

Many fans, like LSU student Sean Elliott Thomas, have a strong opinion on what they think should happen for the betterment of the team this year. 

"I think he should be fired. It think that it has been a horrible season. I think it has been a horrible season ever since Joe Brady left," Thomas said.

"Clearly the offense is different; we can't move the ball. Our best player and Gilbert left. Even Stingley Jr. hasn't reached his potential. I think it is affecting the guy," Thomas continued.

With the fate of the season on the line, the question on Coach Orgeron's job status remains prominent heading into this weekend's game against Florida.