Here is your deep dive into the LSU Football Defense, and how their performance has grown between week one and two. Head Coach Ed Orgeron speaks about how the Tiger defense is preparing to face off against the Central Michigan Chippewas.

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The Tiger’s defense has seemed to improve a lot between games one and two of the season and are looking to keep up that momentum in week three. 

Linebacker Andre Anthony and defensive lineman Maason Smith were two particular key figures in the Tiger’s game against the McNeese Cowboys. 

Head Coach Ed Orgeron feels that the defense has grown in their performance after playing against the Cowboys.

"On defense, what an outstanding job," Orgeron said. "Hell of a 51 yards rushing, eight quarterback sacks, tremendous pressure."

Pressure on the ball is a mantra... a mindset that is prioritized in practice.

"From the defense aspect, it's all about the ball, we talk about it all the time," Anthony said. "We try to go get it, strip attempts every time. We look at it on film, how many strip attempts we got. We go after the ball every time."

The Bayou Bengals have studied the Central Michigan Chippewas and the defense is the key to winning not only this game, but every game this season.

"Well we can't give them a lot of time to throw, he's very accurate, very smart, got some great receivers," Orgeron said. "We're going to have to get after them with a 4 man rush and give him some pressure and keep him in the pocket. Lock them up, that should be our plan, most of the year."