LSU Gymnast Aleah Finnegan discusses how the loss of her dad impacted her decision to come to LSU. She also gives insight on how the team is preparing for the upcoming season.

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LSU Gymnastics has been working hard in the gym ahead of this season. The team has added three freshman to the roster this year. 

One freshman in particular has had an outstanding elite career prior to LSU. Aleah Finnegan was a 2020 Olympic hopeful, but fell short leading up to the Olympics. Right now, she is focusing on her collegiate career ahead of the season. 

As Aleah transitions to LSU, she shared that the loss of her dad impacted her decision to come to LSU. 

She also said that the team is focusing on staying present throughout the season to hopefully lead to a success.

The team will have a Gymnastics 101 exhibition Dec. 3 at 7:15 P.M. in the PMAC. Their season opener will take place Jan. 7 against West Virginia in the PMAC.