LSU started their season slow, causing questions to be raised on the potential of this team and the ability of the new coaching staff and players, but through sticking it out No. 6 ranked Tigers are now playing for an SEC Championship and fighting for a chance to make it into the CFB Playoffs.

Coming off of two back to back rough seasons, expectations for The Tigers heading into the season weren’t so high.

With the addition of a new Head Coach Brian Kelly and Former Arizona State Quarterback Jayden Daniels, not many expected the Tigers to now be 8-2 and playing in the SEC Championship with a chance to make the College Football Playoffs.

After a rough loss to Florida State in the season opener, morale was at an all time low. With only a harder schedule ahead, fans were unsure how LSU would tackle their blatant problems.

"The Florida State loss was just a warmup... that was a super close game and I guess that really set us up to know how to win close games now," Charles Fleischer a Freshman at LSU said.

However, through all the smoke and fog, Brian Kelly’s concern was making sure the team stays on course and takes every week of preparation as serious as the last, regardless of competition.

"We focus on a process more so than an outcome, so it's been a consistent way of how we do things on a day to day basis. We focus much more on the little things... it's just been business as usual for us this week... preparing for UAB," Brian Kelly reiterates to media.

When faced with difficulty, these players made it their responsibility to stay true to themselves and the program they’re building.

"We all bought in and we're happy now... everything he said was true... everyone is seeing our success from it and you know it's a wonderful feeling for sure," Micah Baskerville said.

The Tigers look to continue their win streak heading back to Death Valley for their final home game of the season against UAB.