The story of a three-star recruit who lost his starting job at Ohio State, but found his home in the bayou comes full circle as Joe Burrow takes home the most prestigious award in college football.

“I kept faith in myself the entire time. I knew the kind of work I’d put in for 10 years. I knew the kind of person I was, I knew the kind of player I could be, and I just kept faith in my preparation in off season work,” the Heisman winner said.

Even with this belief, Burrow was still taken aback by emotions when receiving the Heisman Trophy.

“That’s the most I’ve cried in 23 years of living. When I got up there, all the names of people that have helped me get here, from when I was five years old to this year at LSU came running through my mind," Burrow said. "That’s why I got so overwhelmed because so many people have helped me get here," 

Coach Orgeron, who was evidently emotional as well, expressed his joy seeing his player win the Heisman. 

“It was the first time I’ve seen him get that emotional. I was just so proud for him and proud of our football team. But you know when you saw him up there, it was with his heart and that’s how he plays. He has a great heart and great grit and that’s what makes him the best player in America,” Coach Orgeron said. 

Despite receiving the most coveted individual award in collegiate football, Burrow continues to maintain his team mentality .

“13-0 is all that matters to me. These awards are nice, and I really think they’re team awards. I think the reason I’m up here is because we’re 13-0 and I have great players and coaches around me.”

 A once rejected Burrow now finds himself immortalized by college football fans and players alike.