Florida on Wednesday. Tennessee on Saturday. If you thought your week of exams and deadlines is tough-- try being an LSU basketball player. 

So far this year, LSU has not had a great track record against Florida. LSU football lost a hard-fought game in the swamp while LSU gymnastics fell to the Gators in a home meet earlier this season. 

LSU basketball is looking to change that record of orange and blue dominance as they face the unranked Gators Wednesday night in the PMAC. So far the Gators are 14-11 and 6-6 in conference play. 

While these credentials are certainly not as impressive as LSU's, who have a 21-4 overall with an 11-1 conference record. However, LSU's only defeat this season has come from a statistically unimpressive team. 

Arkansas was only 4-3 in the SEC when they handed the Tigers their first SEC loss of the season. 

So what exactly does that mean for the Tigers? They can't look past the Florida game to the Tennessee game on Saturday.

LSU has experience this season of giving games in which they were heavily favored, so if LSU is only seeing orange and white instead of orange and blue Wednesday, they could risk a loss to Florida and fall in the already tight SEC standings.