After a great defensive performance against Texas A&M last week, LSU was hoping to keep up that momentum. However, the hopes of the defense finally turning the corner on the season was put to rest this evening after the Tide eroded the Tiger secondary. 

Alabama Wide Receiver DeVonta Smith had 231 yards and three touchdowns against the Tigers and for some of them, he was wide open with little to no coverage from the Tigers.

"Our plan was for most of the game to double team him, and that was one of the times that we wasn't. And we just got beat one on one. It's nobody's fault."

The Tigers struggled offensively as well. TJ Finley was not able to complete more than 50% of his passes for the second week in a row, but he didn't get much help from his offensive line either as he was sacked four times.

"I thought that we played hard, but we just made too many mistakes throughout the game. You know, there is a reason they are the No. 1 team in the country and they're who they are, and we couldn't afford to make some of the mistakes that we made."

Though this team has struggled, it is filled with plenty of new faces that are gaining experience and this loss does not discourage their future.

"You can say it's a rebuilding year. It's a lot of new faces on the defense; a lot of new guys. During this time, during this COVID period, a whole bunch of things are happening."

While their toughest opponent may be behind them, the Tigers will have their hands full when they face two more powerful offenses in Florida and Ole Miss to close out the regular season.