An LSU student launched himself into a competitive gaming career through Eports at LSU.

Mathew Landry, a computer science major and business administration minor works at Tiger TV as the production director and is aspiring to be a competitive gamer.

 “I’ve been playing games most of my life and I love the competitiveness of video games,” Landry said.

His current focus on the newly popular game Fortnite. Landry and his partner, Bryce Dartez, won $1,000 and placed third in a UMG tournament last September with LSU Esports.

The video game industry has steadily increased over the years, becoming so popular that many people have made careers through competitions.

Tournaments are held all year round, some ranging to thousands of views  in person or online. Hundreds of participants eventually gets narrowed down to the champion.

The best of the best gets to take home the grand prize, which normally includes sponsorships, merchandise, and thousands of dollars.

“Fortnite is honestly a phenomenon,” Landry said.

When asked why Fortnite is the leader when it comes to competitive game play. He explained its accessibility, saying Fortnite is free and is available on all currently popular consoles, like XBOX, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC and even mobile.

When Landry does graduate from LSU, competitive gaming is his dream job. However; he does have backup careers in mind, focusing on the Esports industry and he warns anyone looking to do the same thing. 

“There’s definitely a way to do it correctly, without throwing away everything that you have…hopefully, one day it will take off and if not, you have to enjoy it while you do it, you have to do for the love of it,” Matthew Landry said.