A coach going up against his own son in college football seems to be a very rare occurrence.

“I know John Elway went up against his dad at one time,” LSU Football Head Coach Ed Orgeron said. “Obviously, that was on a big stage. But no, I don’t know of any instance where that has happened.”

After losing their season opener, Orgeron and his Tigers look to win their first game of the season this weekend.

However, to do so, they must defeat the McNeese State Cowboys, led by Orgeron’s own son, Cody.

Originally a freshman walk-on, Orgeron is now entering his third season as the starting quarterback for the Cowboys.

While speaking to the press earlier this week, Ed Orgeron expressed that preparing for this matchup has been unique.

“I want to evaluate our opponent but I also want to cheer for my son, so it was a little bit different,” Orgeron said.

The close bond between father and son has not changed while readying for the game, either.

While opponents might cease all contact in preparation, Coach Orgeron stated he would never do that to his son, and that the two have remained in contact throughout the week.

“I text him three to four times a day,” Orgeron said. “Me and Cody are best friends, so that [isn’t] ever going to stop.”

Heading into this weekend’s matchup, Orgeron expressed that playing against Cody is going to be an incredible experience.

“Playing against Cody is going to be pretty cool,” Orgeron said. “He’s going to be talking some smack. I know he’ll come to the sideline and talk a little smack. He knows all our players. He’s excited to play in Death Valley.”

At the same time, however, Orgeron understands that once the clock reads zero, one team must come out victorious.

“Once the game starts, it’s going to be a competition,” Orgeron said. “I’m the head coach at LSU, and he’s the quarterback at McNeese. We both got to do what we can to win the game.”