LSU Stadium

With the first scheduled football game just weeks away and LSU announcing that Tiger Stadium will open the 2020 season at 25 percent capacity, students are wondering if they will be left watching games from home.

LSU Athletics has decided on the percentage breakdown of student tickets. Each game, the student section will be made up of 40 percent seniors, 20 percent juniors, 15 percent sophomores, 15 percent freshmen and transfers without Priority Points and 10 percent graduate and professional students.

There is no limit for the amount of games students can request tickets for.

Prices for student section tickets were also announced. Tickets will cost $15 for Mississippi State, $12 for Missouri, $12 for South Carolina, $30 for Alabama, and $15 for Ole Miss. All transactions will be cashless. 

Students can expect to be notified if they've received Mississippi State tickets by Monday, September 21. Students can also expect to be notified by Friday, October 2 for the remaining games. 

The deadline for students to place a ticket request for the 2020 season is Thursday, September 17 at 5pm.