“When we first started down that road, the journey I think that we felt like we needed to be strong for Blake, and now having looked back over the last several of years, he’s kind of turned that on his head,” Kevin Ferguson said. 


Blake Ferguson’s, the 6’4”, 235-pound long snapper, on-field statistics and off-the-field success are written in LSU’s record books, but it is his battle with diabetes that has the most highlights. 


“My mom took me to the doctorjust a general physician, and he ran some blood tests,” Blake Ferguson said. “It turned out that my blood sugar was 710which is seven times the blood sugar that you want to keep at a healthy level.” 


Over the course of his stay in the hospital, Blake was taught how to manage his diabetes. 


“And then I went right back to school, back to football and doing what I know and love,” Ferguson said. 


It’s been seven years since his diagnosis and while it’s still taking some time to get used to, Blake along with his family and the LSU trainers are able to keep track of his blood sugar thanks to technology.  


“The trainers here do such a good job with me, they have a continuous glucose monitor that’s on me at all time, and they can see on their phones real time what my blood sugar is so they can always keep tabs on me during practice,” Blake Ferguson said. “During the games my mom is actually sitting in the stands and she can see whatever my blood sugar is so she can see that and it kind of gives her a piece of mind as well.” 


“This arrow pointing means that your blood sugar is stable and it’s on track, and you want to keep your blood sugar around 100, so that’s pretty good,” Ferguson said. 


When Blake is not snapping footballs to Cole Tracy for the game winning field-goal, off the field he is helping snap diabetes in half by raising awareness through Team Tackle as an advocate for the American Diabetes Association. 


“Developing himself into an advocate for other’s has been really impressive to us,” Tracy Ferguson said. 


“My mom tells people all of the time that right after I was diagnosed that I went and immediately looked up famous people with diabetes, because I wanted to have a role model within sports or whatever it was that had diabetes so that I could look up to themand that’s what I’m trying to be for the young kids who are just being diagnosed with Type 1,” Ferguson said.