Here is a look into how Shazz Preston, 4-star and second ranked in the nation, wide receiver feels his decision is now being affected by the news of the separation between LSU and Head Coach Ed Orgeron.

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After the announcement of the separation between Head Coach Ed Orgeron and LSU, many are wondering what this means for recruiting.

Four star wide receiver Shazz Preston from St. James High School believes his ultimate decision might be affected by the news. 

“At first I couldn’t believe it, because Coach O, he was looking at me as soon as he got there," Preston said. "Him and Coach Mickey Joseph. But when Coach O was there, he was all in. It was just like a big shocker. So I just have to reconsider, see how everything will play out and what’s next for LSU."

Head Coach Robert Valdez at St. James High gave his opinion on the situation from a coach’s point of view.

“Well I just really think it will be impacted on the decisions they make moving forward," Valdez said. "Whoever they choose to bring in, I think that right now a lot of recruits are probably on stand-by to see what direction LSU will go in depending on the style of coaching.”

As National Signing Day quickly approaches, most fans are waiting to see if LSU will be the choice for some of the top recruits in this year's class.