Over the past several years, the way we watch television has drastically changed.

Streaming services have evolved from being a way to get favorite shows and movies on-demand to also producing original content that’s just as easily digestible.

But what is it that makes some of these shows addicting to the point of binging? Manship School professor Dr. Meghan Sanders says one reason is that newer shows are being created with the intent to keep viewers watching.

“So, there's a lot more suspense that's built in, there’re a lot more cliffhangers at the end of an episode, and they’re there to encourage us to keep watching show after show after show after show,” she explained.

Dr. Sanders also said that the social aspect of being able to communicate with others about popular shows may have some binging to catch up so they can participate. 

She continued, saying that in the pandemic era, binge-watching can offer viewers an extended escape from reality.

“I think that a lot of people are turning to binge worthy content to provide that escape they are looking for given how much is happening around us right now.”

Below are some tigers-approved, binge worthy series.

"Girlfriends" Camille Walters: fourth-year student

“My mom really liked it, so we watched it together. It was a good way for us to bond.”

"Game of Thrones" Noah Bates: first-year student

“I liked it because it was violent, it was intense and it kept you guessing.”

"The Queen's Gambit" Rosemary Pimpinella: third-year student 

“It's just nice that all the episodes were there for me at once and it was very engaging, and I could be done with it quickly.” 

 “How to Get Away With Murder” Jaylon Braxton: first-year student 

“It’s like six seasons and I watched it from like beginning to end. It's super amazing.”

With the spring semester in full swing, students should be careful to balance their binge watching breaks with their study sessions.