On Tuesday, East Baton Rouge Sheriff Office responded to a shooting around 1:20 pm at the Oliver Apartment complex off on Burbank Drive. Officers found one woman dead inside a unit. The victim's boyfriend confessed to the crimes and will be booked into EBR Parish Prison.

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A woman was killed at the Oliver Apartment Complex off of Burbank Drive on Tuesday, just minutes from LSU Campus.

The shooting happened around 1:20 pm and EBRSO are on the scene. Witnesses claim to have heard at least two gunshots. The East Baton Rouge Coroner arrived at the scene around 2:15pm.

According to EBRSO, when deputies arrived on the scene they found a woman dead inside the apartment.

The victim is confirmed to be a woman by EBRSO, but her identity will not be released until the victim's family is notified. 

The victim's boyfriend has been taken into custody and confessed to the shooting. He will be charged and booked into EBR Parish Prison. 

Officials at The Oliver have declined to comment with TigerTV about the incident.

UPDATE: The victim has been identified as 19-year-old Shalya James. EBRSO reports that her boyfriend, Kenyon Walker, admits to shooting her after James said that she was unhappy with their relationship.

This is a developing story. More updates to come.