Students express their concerns with the lack of streetlights around campus.

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With both the change in the season and the time change, days are getting shorter and campus gets darker earlier.

Crime in Baton Rouge and around campus has hit a high, and an increase in streetlights could be a reason students would feel safer on campus.

While many students do feel safe on campus during the day, many feel that extra lighting around campus could make walking at night much safer.

"I think there should be more lights around heavily walked areas and not just around buildings," LSU sophomore Kaylee Antley says.

LSU senior Brianna Rogers says she doesn't feel safe on campus at night.

"I definitely didn't feel like it was safe on campus; I always had to walk in groups; there are certain areas around that quad that are very dark," Rogers explains.

Not only do students feel unsafe walking on campus at night, driving and parking in dimly lit areas is also a concern many students have.

Senior Jacob Landry says he is afraid many people can't see him or others walking at night. "A lot of times, I'm walking, and I feel like people can't see me."

"I was parking the other day, and most of the lights in the parking lot were out, and it was super sketchy, and I didn't even wanna park," junior Carissa Primeaus says.

The LSU Police Department says a survey is sent out to students every semester about where they feel street lights should be, and many students still feel like it is not enough.

"I feel like we have been saying this to LSU for a while now, and they really don't make any improvements," Rogers says.

To stay safe when going out at night, walk-in groups, carry protections such as pepper spray, utilize the LSU Shields app and be sure to watch your surroundings.