LSU officially mandated the COVID-19 vaccine for all students and faculty after the FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine Monday. 

LSU's mandate deadline leaves the unvaccinated of the LSU community with about two weeks to receive the first dose. 

"It is genuinely a public health concern," said LSU Student Body President Javin Bowman. "So, at this point, these are the things that will need to be released so we can move forward." 

The Student Health Center and the LSU Student Union are open during regular hours to administer the vaccine with no appointment needed. 

Another hot topic this week is parking on campus.

LSU may offer paid parking for commuters, but many students struggle to find one spot open, leaving students angry, stressed and late to class. 

"I've been here for 15 minutes trying to find a parking spot by the stadium," said LSU commuter, Katharin Mistretta. "There's none."

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