There have been many rumors going around on social media at LSU, which concerns students about their level of safety.

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Several group chats sparked panic in the LSU community as rumors spread  about potential danger around campus. 

“I live in East Laville, and I heard there was a person stabbing at the East Campus Apartments area and slicing people’s ankles as soon as they got into their car,” LSU freshman Peyton Pipher said.

“There was something about the Uber driver that stayed by Greek row in a black Toyota," LSU freshman Charlotte McLellen said. "He would follow to the girls' apartments afterwards."

The Baton Rouge Police Department arrested both suspects in the cases accounted by students.  However, the truth was exaggerated in circulating group chats.  

LSU Police Department informs everyone to not believe what they see on the internet unless it came from their official Facebook page. 

“We encourage individuals to download LSU Shield app and to become familiar with the safety feature," LSU PD Officer Kim Bass said. "This app can be downloaded by anyone and used anywhere on or off campus.”

Following the tragic death of LSU student Kori Gauthier, students’ level of awareness has increased, and students have said they are concerned about their safety. 

“It has definitely made me wonder how LSU is going to combat [the rumors]," LSU freshman Dyllin Nash said. "Whether it's true or not, I have been keeping on my toes and being more alert."

“As a girl, you have to keep your guard up, but with everything going on, it makes it that much more difficult and dangerous to walk around,” LSU freshman Makayla Price said.

The LSU Police Department encourages anyone who has questions about the rumors circulating on social media to contact them directly or to follow reputable news outlets for information. The department also posts updates and safety information/tips on its social media regularly.