Increasing attacks on journalism cause trust in the media to plummet. 

Trust in the media has been steadily decreasing for quite some time, but not many have done research on how to gain that trust back.

However, Raymond Pingeree, an Associate Professor of the Manship School at LSU, is doing just that.

In his week-long study, he found that if journalists defend their profession while fact-checking in their stories, it would increase the public's trust in their work.

Chris Nakamoto, an investigative journalist at WBRZ, however, doesn't believe this is true for local journalism.

Nakamoto believes that because local journalists report on what is going on in the community, it doesn't have the same affects on trust as national stories. 

Pingeree would like to continue to do more studies on this phenomenon while journalists in Baton Rouge, at least, will continue to do their best and deliver unbiased journalism.