While many pandemic graduates are struggling with what comes next, those with performing arts-based career aspirations are facing their own unique challenges.

Careers in the arts are already high-demand and low-availability in non-COVID times, but at the moment hiring for those jobs is virtually non-existent.

Even in the largest markets like Broadway, already employed artists aren’t allowed to work due to current restrictions and regulations.

For those entering the workforce for the first time, the jobs just aren’t there.

LSU theater studies senior Brandon Persica says the situation has left him and his peers rethinking their post-graduation plans.

“No theaters are really hiring right now, and so the only options are to find a teaching job if possible,” Persica said. “But again, not many schools are hiring, and then grad school or just furthering education, which is also not a possibility for everybody because of, you know money, financial issues and stuff like that.”

Graduating students in all degree programs have access to resources like the Career Center and Handshake if they’re having trouble figuring out their next steps.