A recent Tiger TV Twitter poll said that 53% of 83 students say they are most thankful for the semester ending soon. However, after talking with students, it is clear that family will be at the forefront of many student's minds this Thursday.

Corey Walle is an LSU student who, when asked what he was thankful for, made sure to pay tribute to his built-in best friends.

"I'm thankful for my brothers," Walle said." They do a lot for me and I'm very appreciative of that."

But during this holiday, nothing brings a family together more than good food. 

Allyssa Veney can appreciate all Thanksgiving food, but when choosing a top contender, there is no doubt in her mind.

"I have to say the stuffing in the green bean casserole [is my favorite]," Veney said. "Honestly any kind of casserole."

For students like Etta Ola, a Nigerian native, combining traditional Nigerian food like Mai Mai with the classics of American celebrations is her family's preferred way to spend the day.

However you choose to celebrate, have a happy Thanksgiving, Tigers!