Alex Box Stadium has been the home of LSU baseball since 1938, but it's more than that to fans. It means even more to Bill Franques.

“It’s been my life for over 30 years,” Franques said.

Since 1988, Franques has been the Public Announcer for every Tigers' baseball game. 

“At times when I’m up there announcing I just take the opportunity to take it all in and savor it.”

People and players often call him 'The Voice of Alex Box Stadium.' It is a title Franques says he is humbled to have.

“To be known as the voice of the stadium that's named for a war hero means a lot to me." 

The history behind the name of Alex Box Stadium tells a story that dates back to the 1940s.

“The name Alex Box: that man was a World War 2 hero. He died serving the United States in North Africa.”

A Lietenant in the U.S. Army, he was also an engineering major at LSU and a star on both the LSU baseball and football teams. When Box died after his tank went over a mine in Africa, the LSU Board of Supervisors named the stadium in his honor. 

The name Alex Box started being pronounced 'Alec' Box when Franquez met Lietenant Box’s family in the 1990s when they came to a Tigers’ baseball game. 

“His nephew said, 'well ya know, back when he was a kid, everyone called him Alec.' So we started saying 'Alec' Box just to honor the family’s wishes.”

That’s what Franques has been calling the stadium ever since.

“It makes me remember just how grateful I am to be apart of this.”

Franques says getting to be the Public Announcer for the Tigers’ baseball team is the best job he could ever ask for. 

“I’ve realized how much this means to so many people, and if I can, in some small way, help LSU baseball in the best possible way and bring some joy to people, I think that’s important."