Members of the LSU community and people nationwide were outraged when the news broke of how the university had handled a number of sexual violence cases.

LSU hired the law firm Husch Blackwell to do an independent investigation into the handling of reported cases. The investigation is expected to be concluded in February.

In the meantime, LSU Student Government has established a temporary committee on sexual violence prevention. 

“The goals of the committee are to modify the policy statements in place for sexual violence on campus," said Marina Cole, Speaker of the Student Senate. "[We're] Really just trying to make LSU feel safer for victims of sexual violence.”  

USA Today and Samantha Brennan, one of the women at the center of the USA Today article, sued LSU for refusing to turn over her police report. 

Only after they sued did LSU turn over the report. Even so, Brennan and former LSU running back Derrius Guice’s names were redacted. Brennan reported Guice to campus police after being told he took and shared a nude photo of her without her knowledge. 

Earlier this month, a Baton Rouge judge ruled in her favor, fining LSU and ordering them to release the unredacted report to Brennan and USA Today. 

“It meant a lot for us just going forward, I think it sets a good precedent for the future," Brennan said. "The judge thought LSU was very in the wrong. We didn’t just win, she granted us a huge win, things we didn’t necessarily even ask for. So, we got everything we wanted and more.”

Brennan hopes this first win will set a precedent for victims of sexual violence at LSU in the future 

“I’m hoping this will show LSU that they can’t keep doing this in the future," she explained. "The judge didn’t just think that they were in the wrong a little bit, they were really in the wrong. I’m hoping that they will be a little bit more forthcoming with helping victims in the future.” 

LSU appealed the judge’s ruling, and Brennan is now waiting on a court date for the appeal. Her lawyers expect to be given in a couple months.