There is an update in the double murder case at the apartments near LSU.

Tyler Magee, 21, is a suspect in the ongoing case and was booked as principal to first-degree murder October 16.

The two people who found dead at the scene were Amanda Authement and Stan Riley, found on Tigerland Ave.

Magee told police that he went to the victims house to sell drugs and the man with him shot and killed the two people.

Investigators have found surveillance footage of the two suspects and are still searching for the gunman in the ongoing investigation.

Students and residents who live near the apartments feel unsafe and want something to be done about the situation.

“Honestly i don't feel safe wherever police is at all because they haven't been doing a great job at all trying to keep me safe," said resident Tyler Rouege. "We got one person still out and i'm still wondering if i can walk around at night, even though I'm a man,"

Anyone who knows anything is encouraged to reach out to crime stoppers at (225) 344-7867.