In the past 72 hours, two pedestrians have been struck and injured and one car accident has occurred near LSU's campus.

Two out of the three incidents happened at a Nicholson Drive crosswalk near LSU's campus and Tiger Stadium, within 24 hours of each other.

A cyclist was hit riding her bike Tuesday across Nicholson Drive and in the same intersection there was a car accident this morning. 

Along with these two incidents, another pedestrian was struck crossing Burbank Monday night and is currently in critical condition. 

Both areas have been known for having a high number of accidents in past years, especially Nicholson– with reports of the crosswalk light malfunctioning recently. 

This has some students and parents concerned.

"Especially the right turn right here people tend to be turning kind of quickly and I'm really just trying to get to my apartment, but I think people are eager to leave and so is a little bit worrying. You just gotta make sure you're looking both ways I guess," a Nicholson Gateway resident said.

LSU PD accident reports indicate more than 40 people have been hit by cars at intersections near campus over the last five years. However, several of those have been in the last 18 months.