For the second time this semester, the Louisiana Alpha chapter of Phi Kappa Psi is under investigation amid hazing charges. The fraternity has around 100 chapters across the nation and includes notable alumni such as Woodrow Wilson and Michael Bloomberg. The same fraternity is now facing a possible ban from LSU’s campus. With many rumors finding their way around, we set out to find the facts.

On September 13, the Baton Rouge Police Department received a complaint which described “criminal hazing” that involved members of Phi Psi. On October 20, little over a month later, the chapter was suspended from LSU’s campus indefinitely. 

These events come after a freshman and member of Phi Psi wound up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning and alleged physical abuse after a night of off-campus partying. East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore III said that police officials are collecting evidence to see whether the incident meets the criminal definition of hazing defined in the Max Gruver Act and whether legal action needs to be taken.

Student Body President Stone Cox says that while Student Government isn’t directly involved with the investigation, he can confidently say that the rest of Greek life will not be punished as a result of this incident.

“A tri-delt is no less safe today then she was before the incident.” Cox said

The investigation will continue until the police can accurately determine whether anything criminal took place.

Moore says there are several similarities to the Gruver case of 2017, in which Phi Delta Theta was banned from LSU’s campus until 2033.

What the university can say for certain is that no one is currently investigating whether the Phi Psi case is related to the death of a student that occurred the same day, according to LSU Media Relations Director Ernie Ballard.

President of the Interfraternity Council and Phi Psi member Marshall Lee declined to speak on the matter, as did several others involved with Greek life on LSU’s campus.

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