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Although LSU is expected to be fully in-person for fall 2021, two buildings on campus won’t be ready in time to welcome students back.

A $25 million renovation is working to get them in shape as soon as possible. For the first time in LSU history, the Huey P. Long Field House and the Studio Arts Building will undergo a complete renovation, paying homage to the original designs.

The College of Human Sciences and Education will once again operate in the Huey P. Long Field House, which will feature more classrooms and a lawn open to students for leisure activity. 

“It’s being designed in a way that will be in remembrance of the pool to retain the historical part of it, but we really believe that the new design will activate the space a lot more,” said Roger Husser, Assistant Vice President of LSU Planning, Design, and Construction.

“It’ll be used for events, group study areas," he continued. "It’s even designed in a way where it can be used as an outdoor classroom... when it's nice weather, so we’re really excited about the plan for it.”

“The [Huey P. Long] building exceeded its life expectancy period," said Paul Favaloro, Director of Capital Project Management and Development. "Whereas, numerous components have deteriorated over the years, and it's in need of repair and replacement.” 

Until renovations are complete, all in-person classes within the Human Sciences and Education College have been scattered throughout other buildings on campus, and the offices have been moved to Pleasant Hall.

The Studio Arts Building, an area previously used for engineering majors, will undergo a complete interior renovation with minimal exterior changes.

“Much like Huey P. Long, it has never had a complete top-to-bottom gut renovation since it was built in the 1920s,” Husser said. “ And so, we’re completely renovating the building, restoring its historical character, but recreating the inside of it to function better for the more modern needs of the art students.”

The official name of the Studio Arts Building has not been released yet, but LSU officials expect to release the name by the end of March.

Renovations for both buildings are expected to be completed by the summer of 2022.