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The Trump Administration recently debuted a website intended to enhance safety in schools. The site covers topics such as bullying and mental health, but the issue that served as the cause for the website is violence in schools, specifically school shootings.

Max Schachter worked with the Trump Administration to discuss new steps toward school safety after his son Alex was killed in the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in 2018. Schachter worked with members of Congress and the White House to create the idea of a federal clearinghouse to address school safety.

While some see this as one of the first steps the Trump Administration has taken to address school shootings, many people, such as LSU professor Bob Mann doesn’t believe the measure is enough.

“It doesn’t strike me as something that would hurt, but it also strikes me as something that is in lieu of actually doing something. In other words, instead of actually strengthening our gun laws and making it harder for people to get a hold of a gun and go to a school to harm or kill a bunch of students, we have a website that has a bunch of links,” says Mann.