As we approach the Christmas season, people around the world are preparing for the most anticipated holiday of the year.

While people enjoy this holiday for a variety of reasons, one reason why Christmas time is appreciated is because it is the season of giving.

People from all over the world enjoy the opportunity to surprise their family and friends and lend a helping hand to the less fortunate.

"We grew up really poor, so I know it was always like a huge thing," Baton Rouge Resident Drew Tran said. "Like oh my gosh, we get gifts and it's so exciting and it’s just very uplifting and part of the spirit."

Another reason people feel urged to give is due to their own experiences and how Christmas made them feel when they were younger.

“It’s typically a pretty happy time," Baton Rouge Resident Kameron Darbone said. "People have great childhood memories that they try to recreate. Nostalgia is really something people like to search for a lot, so I feel like Christmas makes that a little bit easier.”

The spirit and excitement to give to others is something felt by many, as people recall themselves feeling more positive about themselves during this season.

According to the Charities Aid Foundation, during the last two months of the year the number of donations sent in continuously rise on a yearly basis.

Although this is an exciting time for some, people are aware of those who are struggling and looking forward to the opportunity to help.

“Things that are done typically in the winter are around Christmas and still very important," Darbone said. "Especially after the two years that we’ve all gone through; it makes people feel happy and lets a few things sync back for a minute and they can just enjoy that moment.“

As people stack presents under their trees for their families, it is also important for everyone to help those who are unable to do so.