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Holiday stress is peaking as Christmas is only a few days away, but there’s one step people can take to enjoy the festivities with minimal frustrations.

Paromita Saha begins most mornings in child’s pose at Yoga Rouge. 

“I try to come to yoga at least twice a week,” Saha said. 

But, during the holiday season, she notices she needs that one-hour practice even more.

“There’s always a sense that you lose yourself,” Saha said. “There's a lot of talking, there's a lot of eating food that you normally wouldn't consume.” 

She’s not the only who is struggling with extra stress during this season. 

More than half of Americans report extreme stress and loss of sleep, and over three-quarter’s of Americans report overeating around Christmas-time, according to a 2021 poll by the American Psychological Association

Luckily, Saha found an outlet to cleanse stressful energy.

“I always feel like I'm getting a detox of salts, and it really gets me back to my center,” Saha said about yoga classes.

This “center” helps with yogi’s physical and mental mindset. 

“If you reset yourself and move your body and breath, it goes a long way with dealing with stress,” said Yoga Rouge Instructor and nutrition health coach, Dana Guillory. 

While all forms of movement, such as running and lifting weights, can help someone physically, Guillory says intense workouts don’t quite go the distance when calming anxieties.

Relief and selfcare stem from control, relaxation and movement.

“We are involving our core, we are involving our breath,” Guillory said. “And a little bit in yoga kind of  wraps the whole mind, body and spirit.”  

Yoga’s breathing techniques also initiate an internal release. 

“Breath work is working with your nervous system to calm you down, which is just a normal sense of combating stress,” Guillory said.

For those who may not have time this week to drop in for a yoga practice near him or her, there are still ways to keep the holidays merry.

“Taking it one day at a time,” Guillory said. “Everything is taking it one day at a time. Take it in small blocks. Try to keep your routine, believe it or not, as normal as possible.” 

And Saha plans to continue her yoga routine.

“It just grounds me which is really important throughout this holiday season that one remains grounded,” Saha said. 

Yoga keeps Saha grounded to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year stress-free.