With Hurricane Ida expected to make landfall in Louisiana on Sunday, now is the time for hurricane preparation. The following are ten Tiger TV Tips to help you stay safe: 

1. Have a Game Plan

It's important to have a plan in place when weather events like this occur. If you are planning to return home, be sure to leave before the hurricane conditions begin. Those remaining on-campus should follow residential life guidelines and keep an eye out for any important updates from the university. 

2. Start Stocking Now

Be sure to grab all the items necessary for up to 3 days to stay safe inside while conditions are dangerous. 

LSU Office of Emergency Preparedness recommends you have non-perishable food and water (one gallon per day per person) items, a can opener, a flashlight with extra batteries, a first aid kit, hygiene items, special need items (prescription medication, infant formula, or specific needs that you or others may have), and a battery-operated radio.

3. Find the High Ground

Park your car in a safe location away from flood prone areas. Residential Life recommends students at Nicholson Gateway Apartments utilize the second floor and up in the parking garage and student at West Campus and Ed Gay Apartments move their vehicle to higher grounds, avoiding Alaska Street, State Street, and Cyprus Street.

Also avoid flooded areas. Downed powerlines could indicated electrically charged water and be dangerous if stepped in. 

4. Fill Your Car with Gas

LSU OEC recommends you fill your tank with gas. This will help in the event of evacuation or with long or inoperable gas station lines when leaving. 

5. Keep Electrical Devices Charged

The event of a power outage is likely. Having batteries and portable chargers allow for you to remain up to date on any changes as well as have access to emergency contacts.

5. Stay Inside

The Hurricane Center indicates wind speeds can reach from 79 MPH or higher in hurricane conditions. Flying debris poises a danger to you. Avoid windows and openings that may shatter and harm you.

7. Stay Up-to-Date on Hurricane Developments and Evacuation Alerts

Weather events like these have rapid windows to change and weather predictions may vary. Keep in touch on your radio or cell device for any major updates. 

If local leaders say to evacuate and you have the ability to safely do so, do it. Evacuation routes can be found here

8. Know Who to Contact

911 is still operational during storms, but conditions can hinder response. Be sure to have emergency items on stand-by if a situation deteriorates. 

LSU EOC provides emergency contacts for Campus Police (225-578-3231) and Campus Crisis Information (225-578-4636). 

9. Have a Pet Plan 

Your furry friends protection is just as important as yours. Keep them indoors and protected. Have pet plan in place. Call veterinarians to provide emergency information before the storm. 

10. Most Importantly, Stay Safe!

Smart decisions and preparation can go a long way in making a severe weather situation manageable. Act sooner, be safer. 

They are numerous resources available for those with more questions. For a comprehensive list, visit the LSU EOP website here.  

For more updates on Hurricane Ida, turn on your notifications for Tiger TV's Twitter and follow the National Hurricane Center here.