With the bridge closing in Tigerland, bar owners stress concerns for students safety among construction site

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If you are planning on going to Tigerland in the next few months, you may find yourself stumbling a bit more than usual.

The 56-year-old bridge on Bob Petit Blvd will be shutting down and going under construction in the coming weeks until late summer of 2022.

The bridge crosses over a large creek and leads into Tigerland. The bridge is not only used by students but also residents of the Tigerland Apartment Complex. It is used by almost 20,000 cars daily.

With the bridge going under construction, the question arises: How will students get to Tigerland?

Cars will be diverted to the second entrance two miles down the road and will need to go through the apartment complex in order to reach the bars.

Fred's general manager Jason Nay says he is not too nervous about losing customers but does expect some issues to arise. One of which is students trying to cross the construction site.

"The biggest concern of the Tigerland bars is that somebody is going to jump the security fence and try and cross a bridge in the nighttime with just plywood," Nay said. "It could be muddy and it could be unsafe conditions to cross the bridge."

Fred's Bar is working to try and have a pedestrian bridge built to help with the foot traffic during construction, but no progress has been made with the city administration.