An apartment complex on West Chimes Street has been under construction for the past four years.  Within those four years, the building has closed and reopened twice.  First it was the Standard, then the University House, and now the Ion.

LSU students who have lived in the building share some of the inconveniences the constant construction has given them.

As University House, students experienced flooding in their rooms, fire ant infestation, fire alarms going off at all hours due to poor wiring, and poor maintenance and staff.

Third-year student, Morgan Campbell shared with us a bit about her experience. "The inner workings and management were just bad...extremely unprofessional,” Campbell said. 

Campbell, along with the rest of the buildings’ residents, were asked to leave without warning in 2017, two weeks before school started.

When the building reopened as Ion, they continued construction as leases began and only housed sixteen residents.

Second-year student, Catherine Anderson noted, “Construction is loud in the mornings, but for the price we’re getting, it’s pretty good.”

The complex plans to be done with construction in Spring of 2020.